Things I like!

Video Games

Splatoon, Layton Brothers: Mystery Room, Doom [1993], Night in the woods, Resident Evil 4, COD: Zombies


Lego Monkie Kid, The Lego Movie, Ninjago, Object Shows, Pucca, Nimona, Wendell & Wild, Kaiba [2008], Dungeon Mehsi, Bee & Puppycat, Girl From Nowhere


C-Side, ABXY, Diss-pair, Sashimori, New wave, Reality Club, Her's, The Garden, Car Seat Headrest, The Smiths, Shayfer James, The Cure, Starry Cat, Black Dresses, Machine Girl


Journey to the West, Orange, Yellow, Green, Salmon Run, Grizzco Tapes, Parrotfishes, Frogs

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